Costa Brava Line Dance Festival

26 - 29 May, 2016. Palafrugell (Costa Brava, Spain)

We are looking forward to dancing with you again!




To each and every one of you: thank you for making our 15th anniversary so special. Many friends, many happy faces. It was amazing. Thank you. We're very happy to enjoy this big party with you all. Thinking about the days we spend every day with you makes us smile every day. We really hope you can come back next year to keep this big party alive!



The Costa Brava Line Dance Festival's Team welcomes you to Palafrugell and hopes you have a great time with us. Our team and all the people in charge of the different areas will work hard to make your stay as nice as possible.

Rafel Corbí (Management)
Glòria Gasull (Facilities)
Quim Mateu (Logistics)
Rosa Llenas (Tickets)
Isabel Ortiz (Bar)
Ariadna Corbí (Music and social competition)
​Dolors Quintana, Carles Vendrell, Núria Castan & Èric Corbí (Support)